Feedback and assessment

Research shows that continuous feedback has a strong positive correlation with learning. This is something we take very seriously.

We do not use lecterns in our classrooms because we believe that our teachers shall be active leaders that engage the students by interacting with them. All our teachers use a method called Facetime which means that they systematically have one to one conversations with all students in every lesson. Thus, every student always know what to do next.

Every other month, all guardians receive a detailed report about their child’s progress in school. The report gives a general overview of the child’s progress as well as specific comments about each subject. At the start of a school year, we carry out a thorough assessment of all student’s level of knowledge so that our teachers can adapt the level of difficulty to the student’s needs. We have partnered with GL Education which is a world leading company regarding tools for assessment. Our teachers use the GL assessment tool to plan their lessons for each individual in the class.