Ms Abi Cole

My name is Ms Cole and I am from London, England. In London I have worked in many challenging schools as a Science teacher, Head of Department and an Assistant Head teacher. I will be teaching Grade 8 Science.

In 2013 I moved to Stockholm to work alongside the founding Principal in setting up the school from the ground up. I was also Head of Grade 6 and a Science teacher. I also trained the staff in developing their teaching and learning skills. In 2014 I moved to my second school in Stockholm and became the Head of Upper School.

Mail: abi.cole@nordicinternational.se
Telephone: 076-047 57 07

Mr Andrew Watson

My name is Mr Watson and I am originally from Australia. I graduated from the University of Western Sydney in English and History. I will be teaching English across the school.

I have spent many years working and living overseas. During the last year I have been working in the Swedish school system and I am fluent in Spanish and have a strong knowledge and understanding of the Swedish language.

During my teaching, I incorporate an international view in a creative and an interesting way that aims to inspire and affect the students understanding of the World.

Mail: andrew.watson@nordicinternational.se

Ms Elaine Stokes

My name is Ms Stokes and I have been a Science teacher and Head of Department in England for many years.

In 2014 I moved to Sweden to teach in an International School where I taught English and Mathematics. I was also Head of Grade 5. In 2015 I moved to another International School in Stockholm. I currently teach Science, Textiles and am also Head of the Aesthetics Department. My role at the Nordic International School will be to teach HKK and Textiles and to support the administration team.

Mail: elaine.stokes@nordicinternational.se

Mr Mirza Ljuca

My name is Mr Ljuca and I am from Bosnia.  I am a teacher in Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Swedish and have been teaching for 7 years.

Mail: mirza.ljuca@nordicinternational.se

Ms Helena Malm

My name is Ms Malm and I am a teacher in German, French, Spanish and English. I have been a teacher for many years I moved to Sweden after many years in Paris, France. My International background has highly influenced my work as a teacher and I have used this experience to organise many student exchange trips. I have lived and worked in Germany, Great Britain and the United States of America.

In Sweden I have been training teachers in how to use ICT effectively in the classroom.

Mail: helena.malm@nordicinternational.se

Mr Patrick Jellow

My name is Mr Jellow and I was born and raised in London, England. I have been a Mathematics teacher in England for many years and decided to move to Sweden in 2003 where I taught Mathematics at an International English School. My goal as a Mathematics teacher is to fully support and challenge all students to reach their full potential.

I am convinced that the new Nordic International School will provide an effective and exciting learning environment that will help all students to grow both academically and personally and I am delighted to be given the opportunity to contribute with my wide experience and knowledge at the Nordic International School.

Mail: patrick.jellow@nordicinternational.se

Ms Lilin Xu

My name is Ms Xu and I am from China. I have a degree in Music Education and will graduate this summer from Stockholm University with a Master’s degree in Education.

I have also gained valuable teaching experience in some schools in Stockholm which I will use and develop at the Nordic International School.

Since living in Sweden I have created my own acoustic band with a Syrian musician.

Mail: lilin.xu@nordicinternational.se

Ms Fabiana Mariani

My name is Ms Mariani and I am originally from Brazil, South America. I am qualified to teach Art, music and dance. I am delighted to hold the award of Best Actress in a Theatre Festival from Brazil.

I have lived in Amsterdam, Holland before I moved to Sweden in 2008 and I am now very delighted to be joining the Nordic International School as an Art teacher, supporting Spanish lessons and the Junior Club.

Mail: fabiana.mariani@nordicinternational.se 

Ms Yenu Dahlström

My name is Ms Dahlström and I was born and raised in Sweden. I left Sweden when I was 16 and then moved to Cyprus. I then moved to New York in the USA and have lived in more than 30 states across America. I am qualified as a nutritionist.

I am looking forward to my challenges at the Nordic International School working with the administration team.

Mail: yenu.dahlstrom@nordicinternational.se 
073-636 95 51

Mr Christian Pålsson

My name is Mr Pålsson and I was born and raised in Söderköping. I am currently completing my studies at Linköping University to become a qualified teacher in Swedish, Swedish as a 2nd Language and English. Before I started training to become a teacher I have worked in the IT industry.

Mail: christian.palsson@nordicinternational.se

Ms Maria Jussila

My name is Ms Jussila and I have a teacher certification in Swedish and Social Sciences. I will be teaching Social Sciences which contains several subjects. To understand the present time you have to know about your history.  It`s through studying these subjects that we learn about the connection between the community, the environment and how history has and will continue to affect us.

Mail: maria.jussila@nordicinternational.se