Nordic International School recieves permission to establish primary schools in Karlstad, Malmö and Solna

The Swedish School Inspectorate, has granted Nordic International School, permission to start elementary schools for grades 4-9 with an international profile in Karlstad, Malmö and Solna. Scheduled school starts are in the Autumn term of 2018.

“We are extremely proud and happy about the trust we received from the Swedish School Inspectorate to start more primary schools around Sweden,” comments Christine Karmfalk, CEO of Nordic International School. “They set very high standards on the one who wishes to start a school in terms of pedagogy, organisation, school health services and economy,” she continues.

The international profile at Nordic International School, means, among other things, that up to half of the teaching in all subjects is held in English. The schools will recruit Swedish and international teachers. In addition to this, students have the opportunity to take international IGCSE certifications in Mathematics and English. The schools will follow the Swedish curriculum supplemented with an international teaching pedagogy called International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC).

Nordic International School, also distinguishes itself from other schools in its approach to high standards of social order and discipline, individual and group achievements, strong academic results and an innovative modern pedagogy.

“Our students have school uniforms, which means that we provide clothes that they are expected to use in school,” says Christine Karmfalk. “We do this to strengthen the feeling of being in an international school environment. In addition, we have a house system were the students compete between rival houses for points. This point system is structured on behavioral qualities, school order, neatness and tidiness as well as class participation. We believe in encouraging and rewarding good conduct and constructiveness,” she continues.

Delivering high ambitions within the classroom, frequent follow-ups of student results and continuous performance reports to guardians, ensures that all students succeed within our school structure. Furthermore, the teachers are trained in classroom management as well as the latest in pedagogical research.

Nordic International has started its first school in Sweden. Principal Steven Battye comments:

“Establishing the first Nordic International has allowed me, with the full support of the Company, to create a school that will provide a different kind of education, one that is student-centered, more forward thinking and certainly different from the education currently available.”

Valid premises are currently evaluated at different locations at the respective locations.