The first year 9 students get good study results (Norrköping)

The students in year 9 at Nordic International School Norrköping will be, in the spring, the first students to graduate from the school. When the grades were compiled before Christmas they came in at a grade point average of 257. Placing us among the top three schools in Norrköping, when it comes to spring grades.

Schools in Norrköping 17/18 in descending merit value scheme with NIS Norrköpings’ merit value in fall grades 2018.

Source: Skolverket Siris

“I am very proud of all the hard work that our students and staff have done to accomplish this result. After having studied the grades of each subject in detail, I note that while we have competitive grades in six subjects, we still have some work to do to raise the grade-levels in the other six subjects, which we will focus on during the spring semester,” says Ms Louise Jonshagen, Principal at Nordic International School Norrköping.

Relative the high merit value, Nordic Internationals’ fall-grades are high in Arts, Mathematics, Music, Biology, Geography and Swedish, while they seem to be low in Physical education and health, Religion, Home Economics studies, Physics, Chemistry and History.