Nordic International School Trollhättan opens in August 2019

In August, Nordic International School will start its third school and this time Trollhättan is up. The school will be located at Lasarettsvägen and will offer years 4-9.

– We are very pleased to announce that we are starting the school in August. Since we received permission to start the school, in December 2018, the interest to join the school has increased almost every day, says Erik Ramberg, Marketing Manager at Nordic International School.

In late February, the school hosted an information evening about the school start-up, and over 200 people attended the event. The school currently has about 150 students in queue and the aim is to start at least one class per school grade in the grades 4-7.

The school will start with admissions on Monday April 1st and will send admissions offers to parents who have registered their children in the school queue.

Recruitment of personnel has also been initiated and to date, around 100 applications have been received from candidates from all over the world.

– We have candidates from Trollhättan, Vänersborg and Gothenburg but also from China, USA and from different countries across Europe. We are very pleased that the interest for working at our school is so big, says Pär Sigvardsson, HR-Manager at Nordic International School.

Starting on Monday, Ms Anna Fredholm will be joining the school acting as Assistant Principal. Ms Fredholm currently works as Assistant Principal and Administrator at Nordic International School Karlstad and will work with the school start-up in Trollhättan during the start-up period.