Our quality work

Nordic International School has a well developed quality process in place which we use to regularly measure and evaluate both perceived satisfaction and actual learning outcomes. Through the use of comprehensive surveys and joint seminars, we analyse what our students, guardians and employees think about the various parts of our operation. Each school assesses satisfaction and perceived quality on the basis of the survey results at a school level.

We also have joint meetings where all our principals come together to review the year’s results, exchange experiences and learn from one another. In all our quality work we ensure that we learn from the schools that have best succeeded within certain areas and we work constantly to spread this knowledge across the other schools.

Our analysis work then culminates in an operational plan for the coming year which clarifies the most important priorities for each school and for the company as a whole.

Internal reviews

As part of our systematic quality work, we perform internal reviews on an annual basis. This is when representatives from our quality department come out and visit the school for two days, partly in order to conduct interviews with students, teachers, student health and the principal, and partly in order to look over current plans and documents. The aim of these internal reviews is to highlight our strengths and development areas, and they culminate in a report that is subsequently used as a basis for onward development work.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are followed in a process in which we analyse grades, results in national examinations and knowledge progression at several points throughout the year. The purpose of this is to check that the students have acquired the knowledge that they need, and also to ensure that the grades awarded are fair and correct.


An important part of our quality work consists of assigning goals and following up on attainment across the different schools. The following goals apply to all our primary schools.

Learning outcomes

  • All students shall meet the learning objectives in all subjects and additionally be given the right prerequisites to develop and reach their full potential.
  • All students shall attain the scores required for entry into upper secondary school.
  • All schools shall be the best in their municipality with regard to the average merit rating for students in year nine and there shall be good control over the correlation between results from national examinations and school grades.

Core values

  • All schools shall actively and consciously influence and stimulate the students to embrace our society’s common values and allow them to be expressed through practical, everyday actions so that the objectives in the curriculum are met.

Perceived quality

  • All students and guardians shall be satisfied with the level of service that we offer.