Mr Pierre Åkerblom

It is with pleasure and great expectation that I am taking up the post of principal of Nordic International School Trollhättan.

My name is Pierre Åkerblom. I am 48, and have lived in Vänersborg since 2005 but was born and brought up in Stockholm. I am the father of two fantastic children – Julia, 14 and Elias, 12 – and have lived with my partner Eva for 21 years. In my spare time I love being outdoors, kayaking or fishing. I also devote a great deal of my free time to my budo club, of which I am the chief instructor. I have created my own martial-arts style – Haruyama Aikijujutsu – and travel abroad a lot to teach at big international camps.

I am basically a technician, and over the years my life has been enriched by my profession and my studies. I have run two companies of my own, and have worked as a lead teacher and school developer in both primary and secondary schools. I have also worked in the field of adult education, have been a university lecturer on the teacher-training programme at University College West and have worked for the Swedish National Agency for Education. My most recent post is as a principal in the City of Trollhättan.

I am interested in school development, and look forward to my experiences, contacts and interest in entrepreneurship helping me create Trollhättan’s best school, together with staff, students and their parents.

The school premises are being renovated right now, recruitment is virtually completed and the classes are basically full up. In recent months we have held one-to-one meetings at which we met our future students and their parents, and there have been many pleasant encounters. I hope you also found them valuable.

I look forward to meeting you all this autumn, and I wish you a fantastic summer!

Mr Pierre Åkerblom