Grades and learning outcomes

Nordic International School has a well developed quality process in place, which we use to regularly measure and evaluate perceived satisfaction and learning outcomes. So far, we have statistics for our schools in Norrköping and Karlstad since our other schools not yet offers year 9.


The first year 9 graduated from Nordic International School Karlstad in June 2020 and they had the highest grade average of all primary schools in Karlstad. The average grade was 295,4 and 100% of students qualified for upper-secondary school.


The students in year 9 at Nordic International School Norrköping were ranked top three in spring 2020 among all primary schools in Norrköping, with a grade average of 262,4. 89% of students qualified for upper-secondary school.

Compilation 2020

Since June 2020 The Swedish Schools no longer publishes grade statistics and therefore we publish our graduating students’ grades ourselves: