Student and guardian satisfaction

Nordic International School has a well developed quality process in place, which we use to regularly measure and evaluate perceived satisfaction and learning outcomes. Through the use of comprehensive surveys and joint seminars, we analyse what our students, guardians and employees think about our operations.

Survey results

We perform annual surveys among students and guardians in order to better understand how they experience the education, the school atmosphere and also the school’s work with basic values which is compulsory in all Swedish schools. The survey includes questions regarding perceptions of safety, the classroom environment, the teaching process as well as students’ and guardians’ overall satisfaction with the school.

Internal quality survey

In the 2021 survey of students (grades 6-9) and their guardians, 77 percent said that they enjoy attending Nordic and that they have a good relationship with their mentor. 85 percent of students claim that they are well-acquainted with the rules of the school. Of the guardians surveyed, 84 percent would say that there is structure and discipline in the school and 96 percent experience that their child enjoys attending Nordic. Moreover, 87 percent of guardians say that they would recommend the school to other guardians.

Swedish Schools Inspectorate’s school survey

We also participates in the Swedish Schools Inspectorate’s school survey, carried out among guardians and students in selected year groups. In the most recent survey among students in year 9, recommendation scores at Nordic International School were considerably higher than the national average. The average score of Nordic International School was 6.6 compared with the national average of 5.7.

A similar story applies to school satisfaction, where Nordic International School achieved a score of 7.6 compared with the national average of 6.4.

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