Mr Emil Wallin

“It is a privilege to see our students develop and grow”

There is a word that comes up, time and again, when Mr Emil Wallin, Principal of Nordic International School Karlstad, describes his school: Quality. With a background in teaching that stretches over 10 years, Mr Wallin has seen several different schools and a wide range of methods. In Nordic International School, however, he has found his home. 

Prior to joining Nordic International School, Mr Emil Wallin helped to launch Thoren Framtid in Karlstad and has worked as a teacher at both private and public schools in Stockholm. The appeal of Nordic International School lay in the concept and goals of the school; a return to the educator’s true ambition: academic progress.

– I have always worked in schools that have progressive methods of teaching and have long since wanted to test the waters on the other side. I see education as something that is very important and is, for most, a key to unlocking the life that a person hopes to have. A school must be able to give its’ students the right circumstances to succeed, something that we do here at Nordic.

In 2020, Nordic International School Karlstad’s grade nine students had an average point accumulation of 295,4 and every single student was eligible for high school studies. According to Mr Wallin, this is proof that Nordic’s methods are working.

– One of my great joys in this job is being able to achieve our ambitious goals and deliver on the promises that we make to our students. I believe that our goals are also represented by the atmosphere among the staff at our school: professional but positive. It is my opinion that most of the staff shares a feeling that the work we are doing is meaningful.

According to internal surveys, the school’s staff are very happy with their jobs. Mr Wallin believes that this can be attributed to the open environment that exist throughout the company.

– We are transparent here. Everyone knows what is going on and if anyone runs into a problem, we band together and face it collectively.

Nordic International School is part of a growing educational provider called Watma Education. The company’s commitment to progress is embraced even among individual co-workers.

– If a teacher is hired to work at Nordic, they should have a commitment to growth. Our company has created structures to offer educators opportunities for professional development. Our school pulses with a spirit of creativity and determination that emboldens and propels us forward as well as motivates us to make improvements where possible.

Mr Emil Wallin says that he has enjoyed his job from day one, even though his job entails a lot of hard work.

– I love to see the bigger picture. It is a privilege to get to work at this school and to be able to play a part in the development of students. To be able to see how much they have grown when they return after summer break and to plan how we are going to bid our 9th year students farewell as they move on toward high school studies, it is truly a great privilege.

Name: Mr Emil Wallin
Position: Principal at Nordic International School Karlstad
Why do you work at Nordic International School? A school needs to give its students the tools that they need in order to succeed, we do that here.