Ms Kim Robertsson

An ambition to inspire students to chase their dreams: “It’s worth the work”

The school counsellor Ms Kim Robertsson describes Nordic International School Kalmar as the school that she, herself would have liked to attend as a grade-school student. It is an academically oriented school that shines a spotlight on learning and knowledge accumulation. 

– I found the concept to be so good and rational. My first thought, when I heard about Nordic, was that if I was a grade-school student, this is where I would have wanted to study. I would have transferred immediately, says Ms Robertsson, laughingly. She explains that, during her own high school years, she wrote a debate article on the advantages of the use of school uniforms.

As she reflects on her job, she says that her highest priority is that students understand that they can achieve their dreams.

– I want to inspire and motivate my students. My goal is to make them feel limitless, like there are no obstacles in their way. It doesn’t matter what their gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation may be, everyone has the right to follow their dreams.

Regardless of the specific goals of each student, Ms Robertsson believes that students at Nordic International School are given a foundation that allows them to set their lives on whichever course they choose. There is a warm atmosphere in the school that can, in all likelihood, be explained by the school’s focus on structure and order.

– We are a school that prioritizes academics, but that doesn’t mean that there is a harsh culture inside the school. In fact, it means the opposite. There is no reason for us to be angry with the students. I believe that there are often situations at other schools where the adults end up needing to be angry or raise their voices in order to be heard.

She continues:

– I remember a time when a teacher I had during grade-school, threw a pencil-sharpener against the wall in order to get the class to quiet down. In our school, when the noise-level gets to be too high, we just write the letter “S” for “Silence” on the board, count down from five and then the class goes quiet.

A vivid memory of Ms Robertsson’s is from a time when a student, who had experienced a great deal of bullying at their previous school, took the stage during a talent show arranged by the school.

– This particular student became emotional after their performance and wanted to thank everyone for allowing them to feel that they could be themselves. It was a powerful moment and the best example of what I mean when I say that the atmosphere in the school is “warm.”

Three words that Ms Robertsson believes can describe Nordic International School Kalmar are love, ambition and community.

– The work is fast-paced, but it’s definitely worth the effort. We are here for the sake of the students and want to show up for them every day.

Name: Ms Kim Robertsson
Position: School counsellor at Nordic International School Kalmar
Why do you work at Nordic International School? There is a strong sense of community and high level of ambition. As teachers, we are here for our students and want to “show up” for them every day.