Information in relation to covid-19

Nordic International School closely follows developments regarding the coronavirus and the recommendations from the Government and the Swedish Public Health Agency.


Spring term 2022
In-classroom learning still applies to primary schools according to The Swedish Health Authority. In-classroom learning has proven to be the best method for the majority of students and children. This is also in keeping with the globally held belief in the importance of a child’s right to good education and that it should still be prioritised as during the extent of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid test after international travel
The Swedish Health Authority recommends that any person who has travelled outside of the Nordic region take a PCR-Test upon their arrival to Sweden. This recommendation applies to all travellers regardless of whether or not they are exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19. This does not apply to persons who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 in the last 6 months.


Here we gather all information regarding covid-19.

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