Nordic International School Kalmar

Have you made a decision about which school your child should attend next academic year? A city like Kalmar needs a wide range of schools to choose from. We will widen that range from the fall of 2020 by starting a primary school with an international profile. Nordic International School has gained access to premises that breathe classic education, in the heart of Kalmar.

The premises, originally built for the Nisbeth School, are located on Linnégatan 5 and were until recently home to Linnæus University. The building with its history is a perfect fit for Nordic International School, a school with high academic ambitions and an international profile. Initially applications will be open for years 4–7 with years 8–9 opening as the accepted students get older.

Telephone: +46(0)73-636 34 52
Postal address: Linnégatan 5, 392 34 Kalmar

Register your child

To apply, you need to register your child in the school queue-system. Admission is handled through a queue system based on the date of registration. Starting the second year of operation, the school will accept admission through sibling priority.



Questions about Nordic International School? Take a look at our FAQ HERE where we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about our school. Questions and answers in general is being found here.


Our mission

Based on rigorous research on what works to maximise students’ academic progress and achievement as well as their development of important social-emotional skills – such as conscientiousness, good manners, and grit – we have developed an educational model with three main features:

  • Knowledge and academic progress with teacher-led education and discipline
  • An international profile
  • Evidence-based practices

Read more about our mission here


Say hello to our Principal

Ms Sara Kuseta is the principal at Nordic International School Kalmar.

Ms Kuseta has worked in schools for almost 13 years, both as a preschool teacher and a primary school teacher. For the past four years, she has been working as a Principal, partly at a preschool and partly at a primary school (years 4-9). Read more.


Nordic International School Kalmar will open in August 2020

There has been a great interest for the planned start of Nordic International School in Kalmar. The school will open in August and will soon start with the admissions process. Kalmar will therefore get a new elementary school with an international profile with focus on order and teaching based on methods supported by rigorous research. Read more.


About the school building

The grand house on Linnégatan 5 was built between 1905 and 1907. Education has been a part of the building’s history for over a hundred years. That tradition is now being continued by Nordic International School Kalmar. Read more


Nordic International School establishes an elementary school in Kalmar

This fall, Kalmar might be getting a new elementary school. The Swedish School Inspectorate has granted Nordic International School permission to start an elementary school in Kalmar. The school will be located in the Nisbeth house on Linnégatan 5 and will be offering grades 4 to 9. Read more.

School administration

Student-health team

Mr Tim Wenemo



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