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This page contains information for current students and their guiardians.

Autumn term 2020

August 18 – December 18

Breaks/study days
Study day: September 17
Autumn break: October 26-30

Spring term 2021

January 7 – June 11

Breaks/study days
Sports break: February 22-26
Study day: March 16
Easter break: April 6-9
Break: May 14

The municipality of Kalmar provides an accident insurance for our students. If a student gets injured during school hours, the guardian must report to Protector Försäkring. Please remember to save receipts for all expenses. Also remember to document the accident together with Protector Försäkring.

Insurer: Protector försäkring

Policy holder: The municipality of Kalmar (Kalmar kommun)

Insurance number: 367063-6.3

Range: During school hours and during the direct journey to and from the school.

Accident report:

Questions? Please contact Protector försäkring
+46 (0)8-410 637 00

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