For us it is very important to continuously work with developing school quality. Our main way of measuring quality is by surveys asking students and teachers about various aspects of the school and carefully monitoring grades. Below, the result of our most recent survey is presented in detail and we are very happy with the result.

Summing up, the survey shows that the majority of our students follow our school rules, something that seems to have a positive effect on the working environment and the experience of safety and respect in our school. Our students get help from our teachers and feel that they are given more challenging assignments when needed.

Questions Result
1. I follow our school rules 4,6
2. In my school students follow the rules 3,8
3. School works for me 4,5
4. My teachers help me when I need it 4,4
5. I have a nice working environment during my lessons 4,1
6. I contribute to a nice working environment 4,6
7. In my school we respect each other 4,4
8. I feel safe in school 4,6
9. I can get more difficult assignments if I want to 4,1


The scale of the survey is 1-5