Nordic International School Norrköping

We are a Swedish elementary school with an international profile. We offer education in lower school and upper secondary school for years 4-9. We believe that order and discipline creates an optimal learning environment. We impart bilingual education in both Swedish and English and use teaching methods that are supported by international research. Our school was founded in 2017 and is located in the central parts of Norrköping.


Telephone: +46(0)73-636 09 96 (weekdays 8-11 am)
Address: Dragsgatan 7, 602 19 Norrköping, Sweden

Principal, Mr Liedholm: +46(0)76-721 88 55
Assistant Principal and international contacts, Ms Cole: +46(0)76-047 57 07
Assistant Principal, Ms Tornell Wennström: +46(0)72-726 39 01

Special Educator, Ms Eklind: +46(0)76-626 32 90
School nurse, Ms Nori: +46(0)72-727 28 42
Student Counsellor, Ms Gustafsson: +46(0)70-838 51 81
Student Coach lower, Mr Gonzales: +46(0)72-726 39 02
Student Coach higher, Ms Gudjonsson: +46(0)70-205 70 59

Staff Room: +46(0)70-161 32 82

Guided tour

A message from the Principal

Nordic International School is an elementary school and stands for academic progress, discipline and teacher-led instruction based on evidence-based practices. At our school, the teacher is an authority who is a leader in the classroom and who conveys knowledge to the students. Order and discipline is a concept that pervades our school. We have a clear code of conduct that is enforced in the same way by all members of staff and both students and staff follow a dress code. We do this because we see order as a prerequisite for learning.

Our school follows the Swedish national curriculum, but parts of the education is delivered in English, which is also the primary language that is spoken in school.

To us, the most important mission of a school is about the knowledge development of the students. Therefore, we use teaching methods that are supported by international research.

Mr Mattias Liedholm
+46(0)76-721 88 55


“Since the school is working actively against exclusion, our daughter has got a bigger community network. Since her start at Nordic International School she has got a greater faith in her abilities. She has also developed incredibly much thanks to support from teachers and mentors. We are very satisfied with the school! The discipline, school uniform and community, create solid and stable kids who grow and develop in a safe environment.”



For us a clear focus on order and discipline is an absolutely essential part of how we operate. Otherwise it would be impossible for us to realise the core objective of our school – knowledge development. We can only attain best results if our students are prepared, disciplined and able to help create a positive and optimal learning environment.

Overall, discipline is also a key element in the way we approach our students and their education. We place high expectations on the students and their attitudes towards school. At the same time, our teachers also place high expectations on their own teaching and the way in which they engage with the students. We are convinced that our students benefit from clear rules. They know what is expected of them and they know what happens if they break the rules. Being explicit and giving clear examples is an important part of this.

Ms Jenny Hagberg



Information in relation to covid-19

Nordic International School closely follows the development of the current situation regarding the coronavirus and the recommendations of the Swedish Government and Folkhälsomyndigheten.

We gather all information here (link).


We have a higher value-added score, compared to other primary schools in Sweden

At Nordic International School, quality in schools is important. School quality can be measured and accounted in several different ways. One is about looking at a school’s value-added score. Nordic International School Norrköping’s latest report shows that the school contributes more to students’ knowledge development compared to other Swedish primary schools. Read more here.


Ongoing construction projects

During the summer of 2020 Nordic International School will be getting a new 100sqm library, as well as new classrooms for music and crafts. We have been growing nonstop ever since our start in 2014. Currently we have just over 1500 student in queue for the coming year. For more pictures, please click here.


[Swedish] Toppbetyg för årets 9:or

Med ett meritvärde på 262,4 poäng och 89 procent elever behöriga till gymnasieskolan ser Nordic International School ut att betygsmässigt placera sig bland topp-3 av alla Norrköpings grundskolor. Läs mer.


Our latest quality surveys

During 2019/2020, two quality surveys were carried out among the school’s students and their guardians: the Swedish School Inspectorate’s national School Survey and our internal quality survey. This year’s surveys show that both students and guardians are very satisfied with Nordic International School Norrköping. Read more.


New school-lunch concept

During the autumn we launched a new school-lunch concept. Students have a choice of six different dishes every day, and they preselect their food every week. Read more.


Nordic International School moves to new premises

This summer, Nordic International School will relocate to Dragsgatan 7, around 600 meters from the schools´ current location on Kvarngatan. Read more.


Our quality work

Nordic International School has a well developed quality process in place which we use to regularly measure and evaluate both perceived satisfaction and actual learning outcomes. Read more.



The first year 9 students get good study results

The students in year 9 will be, in the spring, the first students to graduate from the school. When the grades were compiled before Christmas they came in at a grade point average of 257. Placing us among the top three schools in Norrköping, when it comes to spring grades. Read more.



Questions about Nordic International School? Take a look at our FAQ where we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about our school. Read more.

School administration

Mr Mattias Liedholm


+46(0)76-721 88 55

Ms Abi Cole

Assistant Principal, International contacts and Teacher

(+46)76 047 57 07

Ms Malin Tornell Wennström

Assistant Principal

+46(0)72-726 39 01

Ms Sandra Hjalmarsson


Ms Isabell Esping

Team leader (Lower School) and Teacher

Ms Alexandra Nitoiu

Team leader (Upper School) and Teacher

Student Care Team

Ms Sarah Eklind

Special Educator

Ms Anela Sipic (On parental leave)

School nurse

Ms Airi Nori

School nurse

+46(0)72-727 28 42

Ms Lisa Gustafsson


Mr Gabriel Gonzalez

Social educationist

Ms Frida Gudjonsson

Social educationist

Ms Una Terzic

Social educationist

Ms Marie Lotz

Special educational needs teacher


Mr Simon Youssef

Teacher and IT administration

Ms Jenny Hagberg


Mr Daniel Tönnberg


Mr Jorge Vicente Martinez


Ms Aspasia Vouzoukou


Mr Andrew Seidu


Ms Ewa Hallberg


Ms Anjella Banks


Ms Alya Barghathi


Mr Said Dahir


Mr José Francos Dafgård


Mr Georgios Gkevetzes


Ms Lama Mardini


Ms Alma Pasic


Mr Jimmy Sandberg


Mr Johan Sperling


Mr David Torell


Ms Helena von Schantz


Ms Hazal Yilmaz


Ms Magdalena Jabro


Mr Kristian Grundberg


Other staff

Ms Christina Hanna

Student assistant

Ms Marie Odhelius

School janitor

Ms Fadya Estaifo

Support staff

Ms Katalina Bustamante

In house substitute