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Spring Term 2019

January 7th – June 14th

Winter break: v.8
Student study day: February 6th
Easter break: v.16
Easter: April 22th
Break: May 30-31th

The municipality of Norrköping provides an accident insurance for our students. If a student gets injured during school hours, the student / guardian must report to Länsförsäkringar Östgöta. Please report insurance number 2466543 and remember to save receipts for all expenses. Also remember to document the accident together with Länsförsäkringar Östgöta.

Insurer: Länsförsäkringar Östergöta

Policy holder: Norrköpings kommun

Range: Day and night

Insurance number: 2466543

Accident report: By telephone: 013 – 29 06 70, e-mail: or form.

At the Nordic International School all staff have the obligation to receive comments and complaints and convey them to the one who is in charge. The principal is responsible for the school and the head office has an overall responsibility for the education.

Comments and complaints can mainly be solved directly at the school. It is therefore important to know, that the person who wants to present a complaint does it directly to the school. Concrete examples of principal’s responsibility are the school lunch, the function of the computers, the educational material and the right to special assistance.

If complainant thinks that he/she has not received the help from the one he/she talked to, or if the complainant believes that the problem is serious or urgent, he/she must contact the head office of the school. The chief of the head office has the duty to investigate and follow up if there have been shortcomings in the school’s organization. In these cases, the complainant should always present his/her comments in a written form.

Below – there’s a download link for a document which should be used as a basis of the complaint.

A complaint addressed to the head office will be sent as soon as possible to the company’s lawyer for further inspection. When the lawyer has received the errand, it’s his/her responsibility to initiate an investigation. Within five days the lawyer sends a confirmation to the complainant that the complaint has been received and that the errand will be resolved by the chief of the head office. At that point the investigation has started. Afterwards the lawyer involves the chief of the head office, who has the responsibility to investigate the complaint. The investigation of the complaint might lead to certain changes in the organization. The staff and other relevant competence   contribute to the investigation of a complaint.

The investigation of the complaint is documented by the chief of the head office together with the lawyer.

Following points are to be included in the investigation:

  • The reason of a complaint.
  • What the investigation led to; an unrestrained description of the reasoning behind the complaint.
  • What initiated strategies have been set in place to resolve the shortcomings in the organization, and even the strategies that prevent similar situations to happen again.
  • Ending
  • Afterwards the lawyer contacts the complainant.



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