Our mission

A lot can be said about schools and how they ought to be. At Nordic International School, we have chosen our focus. To us, it’s all about the knowledge, the languages and the order. What do we mean by that?

While this, a school focusing on the student’s development when it comes to knowledge, can seem obvious, in actual fact it isn’t. To us, it is. We assume that our students and their guardians have high expectations on our work with raising every student´s knowledge. We also have high expectations in return. In the classroom, our teachers work with continuous feedback and well-proven teaching methods based on research.

At Nordic International School, we use English as our primary language, because languages are the admission tickets to the future. Our goal is for every student to become bilingual. In practice, we reach that goal by teaching in English, and by having teachers with international experience.

Speaking of our teachers, they are our most important key to success in the concept we summarize as order. We believe in order as an absolute prerequisite for learning. The teachers at Nordic International School are non-disputable authorities in their classrooms. Our traditions, our school uniforms and our rules of conduct, that everyone has to submit to, are the remaining building blocks of the school that puts its focus on order.


We believe that our schools shall be places that students go to in order to learn. To ensure this, we have rules that regulate appropriate behaviour as well as dress code.

All students sign a contract with the school principal before they enrol. The contract is an agreement about rules for order in school as well as school clothes. We provide school uniforms for all students. Every year, each student receive 3 polo shirts and 2 cardigans (full zip cardigans for year 4-5 and v neck cardigan for year 6-9). We have introduced school uniforms to strengthen the international profile of our schools. School uniforms are common in schools all over the world. We also believe that school uniforms help reduce pressure about what to wear in school.


At Nordic International School, up to fifty per cent of the teaching is held in English. Our teachers come from all over the world and English is the primary language that is spoken in school. This means that our schools are bilingual, and that language is also learnt outside of the classroom. We require that all our staff master the English language.

Many people believe that you need to be an expert in English to go to our school, but that is certainly not the case. The level of English varies a lot among our students when they start at our school. Some have lived in other countries and have already become advanced in their language skills, others have not yet developed as far. We adapt the level to each student. What is most important is that you are motivated to study hard and learn.


Ms Madeleine Muller
Teacher in English and Music, NIS Karlstad

Focus on knowledge development

At Nordic International School, it is of the utmost importance to us that the methods we use have a positive effect on the knowledge and skills development of our students. We have therefore based our teaching concept on research into what works in practice. The research shows that traditional teaching methods and learning environments, which place particular focus on order and discipline, considerably improve student knowledge in the majority of contexts.

We have employed education researcher Gabriel Heller Sahlgren as our advisor to ensure that what happens in the classroom always leads to the best possible level of knowledge development for the students. Furthermore, our teachers participate in our own competence development programme which aims to help them apply the right methods in the classroom.