Nordic International School Trollhättan opens in August 2019

Publicerad den 28 March, 2019

In August, Nordic International School will start its third school and this time Trollhättan is up. The school will be located at Lasarettsvägen and will offer years 4-9.

– We are very pleased to announce that we are starting the school in August. Since we received permission to start the school, in December 2018, the interest to join the school has increased almost every day, says Erik Ramberg, Marketing Manager at Nordic International School.

In late February, the school hosted an information evening about the school start-up, and over 200 people attended the event. The school currently has about 150 students in queue and the aim is to start at least one class per school grade in the grades 4-7.

The school will start with admissions on Monday April 1st and will send admissions offers to parents who have registered their children in the school queue.

Recruitment of personnel has also been initiated and to date, around 100 applications have been received from candidates from all over the world.

– We have candidates from Trollhättan, Vänersborg and Gothenburg but also from China, USA and from different countries across Europe. We are very pleased that the interest for working at our school is so big, says Pär Sigvardsson, HR-Manager at Nordic International School.

Starting on Monday, Ms Anna Fredholm will be joining the school acting as Assistant Principal. Ms Fredholm currently works as Assistant Principal and Administrator at Nordic International School Karlstad and will work with the school start-up in Trollhättan during the start-up period.

Huge interest for school start up in Trollhättan

Publicerad den 11 March, 2019

This Wednesday, there was an information evening about Nordic International School Trollhättan and the attendance of interested families was huge. Over 200 people turned up to Trollhättans Folkets Hus to hear more about the new school. During the evening, representatives from Nordic International School Karlstad and the headquarters talked about the school, their vision and the premises.

– We are overwhelmed by the level of interest. This is a clear indication that there is a strong demand for a school with our focus in Trollhättan, says Katharina Sjögren-Edström, CEO of Nordic International School.

During the month of March, Nordic International School will evaluate the interest for a school start up in the autumn of 2019 and thereafter make a decision about the school start.

– Our permit to start a school is valid for two years. To start a school that delivers on our promises of knowledge development, social environment and teacher and student satisfaction, we believe we need at least four classes the first year. This will be the basis for our decision, says Katharina Sjögren-Edström.

The first year 9 students get good study results (Norrköping)

Publicerad den 14 February, 2019

The students in year 9 at Nordic International School Norrköping will be, in the spring, the first students to graduate from the school. When the grades were compiled before Christmas they came in at a grade point average of 257. Placing us among the top three schools in Norrköping, when it comes to spring grades.

Schools in Norrköping 17/18 in descending merit value scheme with NIS Norrköpings’ merit value in fall grades 2018.

Source: Skolverket Siris

“I am very proud of all the hard work that our students and staff have done to accomplish this result. After having studied the grades of each subject in detail, I note that while we have competitive grades in six subjects, we still have some work to do to raise the grade-levels in the other six subjects, which we will focus on during the spring semester,” says Ms Louise Jonshagen, Principal at Nordic International School Norrköping.

Relative the high merit value, Nordic Internationals’ fall-grades are high in Arts, Mathematics, Music, Biology, Geography and Swedish, while they seem to be low in Physical education and health, Religion, Home Economics studies, Physics, Chemistry and History.

Nordic International School establishes an elementary school in Trollhättan

Publicerad den 22 January, 2019

This fall, Trollhättan might be getting a new elementary school. The Swedish School Inspectorate has granted Nordic International School permission to start an elementary school in Trollhättan. The school will be located on Lasarettsvägen and will be offering grades 4 to 9.

“We are very happy about the opportunity to establish a school in Trollhättan and hope that we, with our strong knowledge-focused education, will be offering something that has been missing in Trollhättan”, says Katharina Sjögren-Edström, CEO of Nordic International School.

Nordic International School runs Swedish schools with an international profile. The schools distinguish themselves by setting high standards for order and discipline, offering a bilingual education in Swedish and English and having strong focus on the students’ knowledge development. The schools also use a dress-code for both students and staff and recruits’ teachers from different parts of the world.

Nordic International School started its first school in Norrköping in 2017 and established themselves in Karlstad in 2018. Now Trollhättan is next.

“Trollhättan has a strong demographic development and is missing a school with an international profile. We, thereby, believe there is a demand for a school with our profile”, says Katharina Sjögren-Edström.

February 28 at 18:00, the school will host an information meeting at Hebeteatern in Trollhättan Folkets Hus, to which all interested parties are invited to attend. Sign up for the event by emailing us at The school has already opened queue registration on their webpage.

NIS Norrköping moves to new premises

Publicerad den 9 January, 2019

This summer, Nordic International School will relocate to Dragsgatan 7, around 600 meters from the schools´ current location on Kvarngatan. Dragsgatan will be the schools´ long-term location meaning that they will no longer be relocating to Smedby.

There are several reasons behind the decision to move to Dragsgatan:

  • The outdoor environment is much better. They will create a school yard directly adjacent to the school and there are recreational areas nearby.
  • School canteen and special education facilities will be in the school premises, meaning that the school day may be used more effectively.
  • The building is larger, there is a cafeteria and more open spaces around the school that may be used in between classes.

The new premises is currently in use as an upper secondary school and will be undergoing renovations before we relocate in August. The upper secondary school will move most of its activities to the premises in Kvarngatan.

– For us, it has been important to find a long-term solution to this issue so that guardians can consider this when making a decision on their children’s future. I am very pleased with this decision and I am confident that the premises in Dragsgatan will mean that the school can continue to develop in the future, comments Ms Louise Jonshagen, Principal at Nordic International School.

January 17th between 18:00-20:00, there will be an information meeting about the new premises and admissions to the fall of 2019 to which all interested parties are invited. The meeting will be held at the schools´ new location at Dragsgatan 7 in Norrköping.

Nordic International School receives permission to establish primary schools in Trollhättan, Linköping, Kalmar and Örebro

Publicerad den 28 December, 2018

The Swedish School Inspectorate has granted Nordic International School permission to start elementary schools for grades 4-9 in Trollhättan, Linköping, Kalmar and Örebro. The permits are valid for two years starting from the fall of 2019.

“We are extremely proud and happy about the trust we received from the Swedish School Inspectorate to start more primary schools around Sweden,” comments Katharina Sjögren Edström, CEO of Nordic International School. “They set very high standards on the one who wishes to start a school in terms of pedagogy, organisation, school health services and economy,” she continues.

Nordic International School are currently evaluating school locations and will notify all guardians that have registered in the school queue as soon as there is something more to report.

(In swedish) Stort intresse för att arbeta på Nordic International School i Karlstad

Publicerad den 26 March, 2018

Nordic International School har påbörjat sin rekrytering till höstens skolstart i Karlstad och intresset har varit stort för skolan som fått nästan 200 sökande till 10 tjänster.

– Förra veckan hade vi möjlighet att träffa ett 50-tal personer för intervjuer. Jag är överväldigad över det stora intresset, kompetensen och engagemanget. Vi bedömer att vi har möjlighet att enbart rekrytera behöriga lärare och det är få skolor förunnat att få till en så gynnsam start, säger Christine Karmfalk, VD för Nordic International School.

De sökande får information om skolans internationella verktyg från IMYC och GL Education. Förutom ordning och reda ska dessa säkra att lärarna använder sig av den senaste forskningen i sin undervisning. Dessutom står obligatorisk kompetensutveckling på schemat, två timmar per vecka, för samtliga lärare. Kompetensutvecklingen ansvarar koncernens avdelning Lärarverket för, en satsning som Christine tror är väldigt attraktiv för lärare.

– Många av de som sökt tjänsterna har uttryckt uppskattning över möjligheten att få utvecklas och utmanas i sitt arbete. Lärarverket har en egen metod som bygger på pedagogisk forskning och utvärderas av forskare från Linköpings universitet. Att det finns en metod och en organisation kring detta borgar för att kompetensutveckling verkligen blir av och inte drunknar i den hektiska vardag som lärare normalt befinner sig i.

Skolans lokaler på Orrholmsgatan 4 renoveras just nu för att i augusti vara redo att ta emot de elever som blivit antagna till skolan. Skolan planerar att till hösten ha drygt 130 elever på skolan för att sedan utöka elevantalet årligen tills den är fullt utbyggd med ca 480 elever. Intresset bland elever och vårdnadshavare har varit stort sedan skolan i höstas gick ut med att de fått tillstånd av Skolinspektionen att starta en skola i Karlstad.

(In Swedish) Tillsynsbeslut gällande skoluniform på Nordic International School Norrköping

Publicerad den 6 December, 2017

Skolinspektionen har idag utfärdat ett föreläggande (Dnr 401-2017:7883) som innebär att Nordic International School i Norrköping inte skulle tillåtas fortsätta med skoluniform.

I beslutet hänvisar inspektionen till den nationella läroplanen och skolans värdegrund. Man menar att kravet på att skolans verksamhet ska utgå ifrån demokratiska värderingar står i strid med våra ordningsreglers krav på skoluniform.

   – Vi har noterat Skolinspektionens beslut. Ordningsregler fastställs enligt skollagen av rektor och elevråd. Jag avser därför att ta upp en diskussion med skolans rektor och elevråd för att se om Skolinspektionens beslut leder till att ordningsreglerna behöver ändras. Men eftersom jag har haft en omfattande dialog inte bara med rektor och elevråd i den här frågan utan med alla elever och föräldrar i skolan så vågar jag påstå att stödet för skoluniform är närmast totalt. Vidare anser vi att vårt krav på skoluniform är helt i överensstämmelse med skolans värdegrund, säger Christine Karmfalk, VD för Nordic International School.

   – Vi är många som varje dag kämpar för att skapa ordning och reda i skolan, så att eleverna kan fokusera på undervisningen och sitt lärande. Det är beklagligt att landets skolmyndigheter inte stödjer oss i det arbetet, säger Christine Karmfalk.

Bakgrund: Våra elever får varje år gratis tre pikétröjor, en skjorta, inneskor samt en cardigan från skolan. Den feedback vi fått från skolans elevråd är väldigt positiv till skoluniform. Eleverna menade att det finns ingen press att klä sig på ett visst sätt, att man inte blir dömd eller utfryst utifrån sin klädsel och att alla nu måste anstränga sig för att lära känna varandra genom att prata snarare än att bedöma varandra efter klädernas utseende.


För ytterligare information:

Christine Karmfalk, 070-261 12 44
Erik Ramberg, 072-167 30 01

Nordic International School recieves permission to establish primary schools in Karlstad, Malmö and Solna

Publicerad den 6 September, 2017

The Swedish School Inspectorate, has granted Nordic International School, permission to start elementary schools for grades 4-9 with an international profile in Karlstad, Malmö and Solna. Scheduled school starts are in the Autumn term of 2018.

“We are extremely proud and happy about the trust we received from the Swedish School Inspectorate to start more primary schools around Sweden,” comments Christine Karmfalk, CEO of Nordic International School. “They set very high standards on the one who wishes to start a school in terms of pedagogy, organisation, school health services and economy,” she continues.

The international profile at Nordic International School, means, among other things, that up to half of the teaching in all subjects is held in English. The schools will recruit Swedish and international teachers. In addition to this, students have the opportunity to take international IGCSE certifications in Mathematics and English. The schools will follow the Swedish curriculum supplemented with an international teaching pedagogy called International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC).

Nordic International School, also distinguishes itself from other schools in its approach to high standards of social order and discipline, individual and group achievements, strong academic results and an innovative modern pedagogy.

“Our students have school uniforms, which means that we provide clothes that they are expected to use in school,” says Christine Karmfalk. “We do this to strengthen the feeling of being in an international school environment. In addition, we have a house system were the students compete between rival houses for points. This point system is structured on behavioral qualities, school order, neatness and tidiness as well as class participation. We believe in encouraging and rewarding good conduct and constructiveness,” she continues.

Delivering high ambitions within the classroom, frequent follow-ups of student results and continuous performance reports to guardians, ensures that all students succeed within our school structure. Furthermore, the teachers are trained in classroom management as well as the latest in pedagogical research.

Nordic International has started its first school in Sweden. Principal Steven Battye comments:

“Establishing the first Nordic International has allowed me, with the full support of the Company, to create a school that will provide a different kind of education, one that is student-centered, more forward thinking and certainly different from the education currently available.”

Valid premises are currently evaluated at different locations at the respective locations.