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This page contains information for current students and their guiardians.

Autumn term 2020


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Week 44

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Nordic International School provides an accident insurance for our students. If a student gets injured during school hours, the guardian must report to Trygg-Hansa. Please remember to save receipts for all expenses. Also remember to document the accident together with Trygg-Hansa.

Insurer: Trygg-Hansa

Policy holder: Watma Education AB

Insurance letter: Please click here

Range: During school hours and during the direct journey to and from the school.

Accident report: By Trygg-Hansa: 0771-111 690. Their opening hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

At Nordic International School AB, all staff have the obligation to obtain comments and complaints and convey them to the person who is in charge. The principal is responsible for the school and the head office has an overall responsibility for the education.

  1. In the first place, the student or guardian who wants to present a complaint does it directly to the responsible mentor. If the student does not feel safe to submit the notification to the responsible mentor, the complaint must be submitted directly to the Principal. Mentor will urgently investigate and find a solution for the situation and communicate a possible action to students and guardians. If the matter concerns staff, the matter is forwarded directly to the Principal.
  2. If the student or guardian thinks that he/she has not received the help from the person in charge, he/she talked to, he/she must contact the Principal.
  3. The Principal is responsible for the investigation and that it is carried out as soon as possible and that the necessary actions are taken to correct any deficiencies. The Principal is responsible for ensuring that students and/or guardians are informed of the way deficiencies were identified and resolved.
  4. The Principal is responsible for documenting the complaint, investigation and actions and the appropriate keeping the documentation.

5.1 Anyone who receives a complaint in our schools which is of the nature that the Head Quarter should be involved shall promptly forward it to the Head Quarter´s Dean(in swe Skolchef) for further handling.

5.2 Or if the person who complains does not feel adequately helped or if the problem is serious, the student and/or guardian should contact the Head Quarter of the school. The Dean “Skolchef” of the Head Quarter has the duty to investigate and follow up if there have been shortcomings in the school’s organization. In these cases, the complainant should always present his/her comments in a written form

  1. The Dean “Skolchef” will then urgently investigate and follow up on whether or not the matter is handled properly when it comes to the school’s activities for a solution. The person who makes a complaint to the Dean shall do so in writing. If necessary, the Head Quarter´s lawyer will provide support in the complaint case. A Letter Form for this can be found on the school’s website. The Dean will send a confirmation to the complaint is received within five working days after the complaint is received. In most cases the Dean ask that the case will be investigated by the principal. The investigation is then considered to have begun.

The following areas is always included in an investigation for a complaint:

  • The basis of the complaint, i.e. reason for the complaint
  • What the investigation has come up with; a description of the reason for the complaint has arisen.
  • What initiated measures have been put in place to address the situation and also measures to prevent the recurrence of similar situations.

Complaints, Form (download)