Nordic International School Västerås

Have you made a decision about which school your child should attend next academic year?  A city like Västerås needs a wide range of schools to choose from. Right now, we are planning to widen that range from the fall of 2021 by starting a primary school with an international profile with school uniform and English as the primary spoken language, making the students bilingual. A school with focus on knowledge and academic progress, high study pace, teacher-led education, discipline and safe study environment that favours learning.

We will be located in premises in Vallby at Svalgången 1 and initially applications will be open for years 4-7 with years 8-9 opening as the accepted students get older.

Telephone: +46(0)10-205 17 10

Register your child

To apply, you need to register your child in the school queue-system. Admission is handled through a queue system based on the date of registration. Starting the second year of operation, the school will accept admission through sibling priority.

Information meeting, January 2021

Part 1: Our concept

Part 2: Our plans for Västerås (premises and admissions)



Questions about Nordic International School? Take a look at our FAQ where we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about our school. Read more.

You are also welcome to contact our Headquarters on or +46(0)10-205 17 10.