Q&A Nordic International School Kalmar

The school will open on August 18, 2020

The school will start in August 2020 by offering years 4-7. Fully expanded, our school offer years 4-9 (2022).

This first year, 2020/21, we will offer:
one class in grade 4-6
two classes in grade 7

We admit between 28-30 students in each class, depending on grade.

You place your child in queue by filling in a form on our website. You will find a link to the Queue Form in the Admissions tab. Admission is based on queue time and sibling priority. Starting the second year of operation, the school will accept admission through sibling priority.

Admission will be conducted through e-mail to the adress you gave us when you registrered. We will later welcome the admitted students to one to one-meetings.

The formal transfer between schools is done by a paper form which you need to fill in and hand over to your current school as soon as you are admitted to Nordic International School.

Municipality of Kalmar
You are approved school transport if the distance between your homeadress and the school’s boundary exceeds the following limits:
Year 4-6: 4 km
Year 7-9: 5 km

You may hand in an application form for this during your one to one-meeting Please download the form here.

Other municipalities
Please contact your municipality.

The Municipality of Kalmar offers mother tongue/first language to children from families where at least one of the parents have another native language than Swedish. Please read more here (Swedish).

You may hand in a mother tongue form during the one to one-meeting. Please download the form here.

  1. Read our brochure
    You will find it at the bottom of the page, here
  2. Watch the film from our information meeting in February
  3. Visit another Nordic International School
    We are happy to offer you a visit to our school in Norrköping. Please contact us if you are interested.