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Our driving purpose is to give more people access to a great education. Nordic International School offers an education with a clear focus on quality, grounded in the conviction that there are no shortcuts for school-s seeking to be successful. We rely on research to show us which methods are actually effective when it comes to helping each student attain real academic progress and their best possible results.

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”The team before me”

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”We are ambassadors of our company and concept”

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”Our mission is to help students achieve their full potential”

A career at Nordic International School

We put great effort into recruiting the best teachers for our schools. We do this because we believe that the teacher is the single most important factor when it comes to knowledge development of the students. To us, this means teachers who share our educational vision and who would like to develop our practices at the same time as they develop themselves. We invest heavily in competence development training and have a special department, called Watma Academy, which is responsible for this area. This means that all our teachers have two hours of competence development training every week. As an organization, we try to put the red-tape aside and encourage initiatives and ideas on how to improve our practices.

”We have high expectations for our students, which sets high standards for us as teachers. Academic achievement and collegiality are, therefore, an essential part of Nordic International School.”

  • Mr Oscar Semb: Principal at Nordic International School Norrköping
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Sara Strömgren Davidsson

Talent & Engagement Manager