About the company


At Nordic International School all staff are obligated to receive complaints and pass them on. The Principal has responsibility for the specific school and the company for the overall education.

How it works

  1. In the first place, the student or guardian who wants to present a complaint does it directly to the responsible mentor. If the student does not feel safe to submit the notification to the responsible mentor, the complaint must be submitted directly to the Principal. Mentor will urgently investigate and find a solution for the situation and communicate a possible action to students and guardians. If the matter concerns staff, the matter is forwarded directly to the Principal.
  2. If the student or guardian thinks that he/she has not received the help from the person in charge, he/she talked to, he/she must contact the Principal.
  3. The Principal is responsible for the investigation and that it is carried out as soon as possible and that the necessary actions are taken to correct any deficiencies. The Principal is responsible for ensuring that students and/or guardians are informed of the way deficiencies were identified and resolved.
  4. The Principal is responsible for documenting the complaint, investigation and actions and the appropriate keeping the documentation.

Complaints form

Do you want to file a complaint? Please download the form here: