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Based on rigorous research on what works to maximise students’ academic progress and achievement as well as their development of social-emotional skills – we have developed an educational model with three main features.

Work hard, be kind.

In this video, we present our concept and teachers and students at Nordic International School Norrköping reflect on their experiences.

Knowledge, academic progress and discipline

At Nordic International School, we put great emphasis on knowledge and important socialemotional skills, such as conscientiousness, good manners, and grit. In this regard, our educational model is more ‘traditional’ than the ‘progressive’ student-led philosophy that has been dominant in Sweden since the 1990s.

An international profile

In an increasingly globalised and digitalised world, the understanding of and respect for different nationalities and cultures are becoming ever more important. Our international profile helps to spark students’ interest in the outside world and prepares them for life in a situation where national boundaries are becoming less important.

Evidence-based practices

Students and guardians have high expectations of our ability to maximise each individual student’s knowledge and social-emotional skills. At our schools, all teaching must be based on methods supported by rigorous research.


Clear rules key to academic success

Nordic International School is characterized by high expectations and a safe study environment, with a focus on knowledge and academic progress, where everyone is given the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability. Ms Linda Vejedal, who teaches Swedish at Nordic International School, explains the school concept and how clear rules help the students perform.

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