About the company

Nordic International School

Nordic International School runs elementary schools for years 4-9 in Kalmar, Karlstad, Kronoberg, Norrköping and Trollhättan.

Our concept

Based on rigorous research on what works to maximise students’ academic progress and achievement as well as their development of social-emotional skills – we have developed an educational model with three main features:

  • Knowledge, academic progress and discipline
  • An international profile
  • Evidence-based practices

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Nordic International School, a part of…

Watma Education

Nordic International School is part of Watma Education. The company group also includes the upper-secondary school chain Fria Läroverken, the special school KF-utbildning, and the compulsory school Kronoberg Skola. Since 2020, Watma Education also provides adult education and runs the upper-secondary vocational school Kunskapscompaniet.

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