Nordic International School is an international school for years 4-9. We follow the Swedish curriculum, however certain parts of the education is taught in English led by staff with English as their native language. Teaching will be based on the international educational platform IMYC and our schools will be a part of an international network of schools.

Our vision is a modern school based on high academic expectations, structure and order and teaching with roots in modern educational research.

Nordic International School is a part of Fria Läroverken in Sweden which is a group of schools consisting of seven upper secondary schools (Fria Läroverken), one elementary school (Kronobergs Skola) and one remedial education school (Karmfalkska). The upper secondary schools are focused on sports with government approved sports education programmes (NIU). The elementary school, Kronoberg Skola, is located in Växjö and is rated as one of the top schools in Sweden based on academic results. Fria Läroverkens headquarters is located on Drottninggatan 36 in Norrköping.

If you have questions about Nordic International School or Fria Läroverken you are welcome to contact us by mailing info@nordicinternational.se or calling 010-205 17 10.