Nordic International School is focused on delivering a modern, qualitative education to our students. For us, this means combining order with a strong focus on student results and the use of modern pedagogical research.

Our schools are a calm and safe workplace where the organisation is structured, clear, competent and of high quality. Teachers and students have high expectations on one another, they are dedicated and motivated. Our school culture is characterised by clear communication, openness towards different cultures, a sense of responsibility and a desire to learn. We see it as natural to teach and develop our pedagogy based on modern research.

The world is rapidly changing and modern technology brings the world closer together. The ability to master the English language has never been as important as it is today and will become even more important when our children reach adulthood. This is why all our students are trained, not only to speak the English language but also to master it. To achieve this, they are supported by teachers and other staff from different parts of the world, that are fluent in English. This means that our students are exposed to the English language all the time, something that helps them gain a deeper understanding, not only of the language but also of different, exciting cultures and the world in which we live.

When our students leave Nordic International School they will have a solid knowledge of the subjects they have studied, they will be fully prepared to continue studying in an international environment and they will master the English language. This is our promise to all students and guardians.